Money Transfer Software Features

Features List

RemitX comes loaded with features so you can create your private money transfer network. RemitX manages users, branches, currencies, banks, compliance features, and everything your Money Services Business (MSB) needs. Here is a full list of features:

  • Create and manage branches / agents
  • Create and manage system users
  • Assign a role and branch for each user (except accountants, who are auto-assigned to main branch)
  • Create currencies to be used in the system, and assign system currency
  • Create commission model, flat fee or percentage
  • Create a revenue split model between sending and receiving branch
  • Teller's daily statement
  • Branch-to-branch statements
  • Branch-to-branch settlement transfers
  • Update currency exchange rates
  • Create banks where clients can have their funds settled
  • Upload clients documents as part of AML and KYC requirements
  • Create transactions with all required information for compliance purposes
  • Create a blacklist from OFAC, FATF and other agencies' lists
  • Verify clients against the blacklist
  • Internal communications system between system users
  • Out-of-the-box currencies display screen for office monitor
  • Powerful dashboard showing weekly activity
  • .. and more view demo

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